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Welcome to the RC Rungta Group
Our Establishments

Rungta Group of Industries started with a vision - a vision of contributing to the national economy to make it competitive, vibrant and resilient. Starting with it's Steel Industries, Core competency business in Mining, it has now diversified into various other areas and has established a country-wide Presence.

Today, group has under its umbrella, companies which are in Steel, Mining Construction, Cement and a Multy-Facility Club. It has already reached a turnover level of Rs. 5000 Million and has established itself as a fast growing enterprise all over the country.

Ours is a country which has been richly endowed by Nature. What is required are Vision, Entrepreneurship, Determination and Values for exploiting the Nature's bounties with the focus on Environmental concerns, so that the Development Process is sustainable. And it is this direction that Rungta Group's activities have taken.

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our establishments
Our Businesses
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