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jharkhand ispat private limited


Jhakhand Ispat Pvt Ltd, which has its manufacturing facility at Ramgarh (in Jharkhand. The objective of the Company is to produce coal based DRI and semi-finished and finished steel products. The steel plant is being set up in two phases. Four units of 120,000 TPA Sponge Iron Plant, 72,000 TPA Mild Steel Billet Plant and 45,000 TPA Iron ore Crusher Plant have been installed at Hesla in an area of around 14 acres. In the second phase, company has to install a 10 MW power plant based on recovery of waste heat.

India is the world's largest producer of sponge iron, most of which is produced primarily through the coal based method of production. Growth in the sponge iron production can be attributed largely to the popularity of secondary steelmaking route, which has shown a phenomenal growth in India

Jharkhand Ispat Pvt Ltd produces high-grade sponge iron and steel billets that is consistent in quality. The Company has an annual manufacturing capacity of 120,000 tonnes of sponge iron from its 4 kilns, and 72,000 mild steel billets which are the feedstock for rolling mills. The manufacturing plant is equipped with modern equipment and is fully computerized to produce precision quality products. The production process followed at Jharkhand Ispat makes it unique and superior than its competitors

The two main products that are being produced by Jharkhand Ispat are:

Sponge Iron

The process of sponge iron manufacturing involves removal of oxygen from iron ore. When that happens, the departing oxygen causes micro pores in the ore body, turning it porous. When the eventual product is observed under a microscope, it resembles a honeycomb structure, which looks spongy in texture. Hence the name sponge iron.

Sponge iron is an iron source relatively uniform in composition, and virtually free from tramp elements. It is used increasingly in Electric Arc and Induction furnaces to dilute the contaminants present in the scrap used in these processes. It has an associated energy value in the form of combined carbon, which has a tendency to increase furnace efficiency. For captive DRI production facilities, there is an added advantage that the delivery of hot DRI to the furnace can reduce energy consumption to 16 - 20%.

These are the properties of sponge iron being produced.

A. Chemical
Fe, Total90-92
Fe, Metallic81-84
Sulphur0.03 max.
Phosphorus0.05 max.
Carbon0.10 (approx.)
Gangue content5 (approx.)


A. Physical (Size)
Lump+3 mm
Fines0-3 mm
Bulk density1.9-2.2 MT / m3

Billets are the best raw material to produce steel bars, as compared to ingots. Jharkhand ispat produces its own Billets Given below is the production process.

Mild Steel
Carbon 0.16 - 0.20
Sulphur 0.05 Max
Phosphorus 0.06 Max
Manganese 0.55 Min
Silicon 0.20 Min
*** composition can be varied as per customer requirement for other grades.
MS Billets 100 X 100 mm
125 X 125 mm
160 X 160 mm
220 X 180 mm

The first step of Billet production is of procurement of sponge iron. Best quality sponge iron is procured from our Kilns and sister industries. This sponge iron is later fed to the furnace by a giant crane. The induction furnace at a high temperature melts the sponge iron. The plant has two induction furnaces of high capacities. The furnaces are run by a power station, which is controlled, via computerized systems. Inductotherm India Ltd., the best in the industry, manufactures these systems.

After the quality of the molten iron is insured, the furnace tilts and pours it into a ladle maneuvered by a crane. The crane moves this ladle towards the caster and pours the molten iron into it. The caster then casts the molten iron into Continuous Casts. These casts are cooled with the help of water and air pressure and form the billets of required size.

As the billets pass towards the cooling bed, they are accurately cut into the required size by a team of expert foremen. Finally, the hot billets are laid on the cooling bed, where they cool down and get ready for being transported.

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